Acne Boot Camp

Acne Clearing Program That Delivers Results!

Acne Boot Camp is designed for those who are serious and committed to getting their acne under control. If you have tried proactive, prescription medication from the dermatologist and yet that hasn't worked, then this is the program for you! I am able to treat all types of acne grades 1-6 (mild, moderate to severely inflamed, non-inflamed & combination acne), cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne, and back acne without prescription drugs. I am a certified Face Reality Acne Specialist and carry all of their skincare products. Face Reality is a remarkable tried and true system of the best anti-acne products and treatments without the use of medication. 

What To Expect

I will identify the type and severity of your acne, perform a skin sensitivity test, design a homecare plan specific to your skin and perform an acne clearing treatment.

In the beginning, you will need to come in every two weeks. I will monitor your skin, perform an acne clearing treatment, and discuss any concerns that you have. We will go over certain foods and lifestyle choices that trigger acne and give you alternatives.

Your first appointment will be about 1 hour & 30 minutes long and will include a consultation, skin sensitivity test, acne treatment, and time to address your questions and concerns.

You will need to purchase home care products to begin the clearing process. Cost will vary per individual, but is generally around $150-$200. Most of these products will last you 2-4 months. 


It is my hope that your skin will clear within 4-6 months, but individual results will vary. Your compliance is of utmost importance. Keeping your appointments is imperative to clearing your skin.

I’m very excited to offer the Acne Boot Camp program, and I look forward to supporting you in achieving the clear, beautiful skin you desire!

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