About Me


I'm Kayla N. Boddy, a board certified licensed clinical esthetician, acne specialist and professional makeup artist.


I am the founder/CEO of B-Unique Beauty LLC. B-Unique Beauty LLC was officially founded in 2018, with prayer and Yahuah (God) grace to allow me to pursue the gifts and talents he has given me; doing what I am extremely passionate about. My interest in the beauty industry sparked when I was in my sophomore year in college and I would apply makeup on myself, my peers and friends. I struggled with acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation etc. and this skin condition at that time really messed with my self esteem.  I stayed on Youtube looking at the makeup beauty influencers and I saw how flawless makeup made these women appear to look. I desired to look flawless with no imperfections so my love for makeup developed flawed. What started off as just a way to makeup a few extra dollars in college and cover my imperfections grew into me really enjoying and wanting to pursue the beauty industry and its diverse services. 

I have been professionally doing makeup for 6 years. My love of beauty began to grow much deeper than a simple makeup application. I wanted to further my education on understanding the importance of skincare and so I applied to Universal Spa Training Academy where I later graduated from and then received my esthetics license in 2017. My journey so far has led me to cross paths with many beautiful faces and major opportunities like working with Junes Diary as an assistant makeup artist for the Xscape concert in December 2017, working as the assistant makeup artist to Triphena Johnson for Avlon at Americas Hair & Beauty Show in April 2018 and working as the key makeup artist for Martins International 37th Annual Chicago Music Awards in March 2018. In addition, I have been nationally recognized by Urban Skin Rx as a Melanin Expert in the skincare industry in January 2020

There's something extremely unique about this opportunity Yahuah (God) has given me because not only do I have the position of being someone's makeup artist or esthetician I am able to create sister-friend relationships, become a confidante, and expert to each woman that sets foot into my studio. In addition, to having this platform my goal is to not only care for your skin and create a more polished version of yourself but to also spread the "Good News" of Yahshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)

I make it a must that each client Yahuah (God) grants me to be able to service knows they are beautiful and to ALWAYS Remember to B-Unique Souls for Yahuah (God)! 

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